Gran Trumpino

This, I believe, is the personification of Trump voters. Bitter, mostly older, white people. People that are angry and terrified by what they see as the "pussy-fication of America," a phrase I came up with a few years ago to describe the growing backlash of Americans who see the world rapidly changing all around them and long for the days when we told all the "outsiders" in our society to fuck off, instead of giving them equal rights. People who see a world filled with gay rights, and transgender issues, and Bruce Jenner turning into a woman and say, "Whoa, whoa, whoa. What's all this nonsense? I remember when we used to make fun of these people, not give them awards."

So the angst-filled voted for Donald Trump. And while I'm sure a chunk of Trump supporters are unabashed racists and bigots, I firmly believe that at least 75% of those who voted for him would tell you they don't actually agree with his behavior or many of the attitudes he expressed. I think a majority of Trump voters would tell you they don't agree with making disparaging remarks about women, or making fun of the handicapped, or a million other things he did. Trump is a bully; I don't think anyone would dispute that. So why vote for him?? Because they declared, "Yes! We want a bully! We want to stop being so "nice" and start asserting our will at home and abroad." That's why it didn't matter what he said. Trump literally could (and did) say anything he wanted, including that he could shoot someone and probably still win the election. AND NONE OF THESE PEOPLE CARED. Even when he came out and made stupid, racist, sexist, bigoted, delusional comments...people looked right past them. "At least he speaks his mind," his supporters proclaimed. It was just further proof that Trump was the kind of bully they needed to fight back against the pussy-fication of America. People were willing to stand by this man as a means to "Make America Great Again," a means to roll back the clock on progress and tolerance, and to "take back" something they perceive was stolen from them.

I think the most shocking part of the Trump victory was the number of women that voted for him. This is a mystery for which I have no answers. Some people don't know or care anything about gay rights, don't know anyone that is a Muslim or an immigrant-- so what Trump (and Pence) said about these issues didn't matter to some people. But, last I checked, approximately 50% of the people in this country have personal experience with being a woman. How can the things Donald Trump said about women not bother you?? The women he finds unattractive, Trump has called "fat pigs." About the attractive ones, Trump claimed that he can grab them by the pussy, which is not even the worst part of those comments, as he went on to say, "When you're a star, they let you do it. You can do anything." A man caught making comments like that should never be able to win a local School Board election, let alone President of the United States. In fact, if parents knew a celebrity who made those comments was coming to speak at their kids' school, would there not be outrage and protests to keep that person away and stop him from influencing children?? But somehow we ended up with millions of women in this country, many of whom have daughters and granddaughters, who found it acceptable to cast a vote for this man and condone these opinions.

And so, this is the result of an angry mob, bitter and scared about the pussy-fication of America. And just like the mobsters in Batman who turned to The Joker to help them, I fear, in their desperation, the American public has turned to a man they don't fully understand, or at least a man whose evils they don't fully appreciate. When those voters walk out to their yards today to pick up their Trump signs, they will look out and see the shocked faces of those of us that don't understand how this could happen. They will see members of the LGBT community fighting for equal rights, women and minorities fighting for equal treatment, and all of us who support the fair and ethical treatment of every human being in this country. And those Trump voters, in a gravelly voice, will say...."Get off my lawn."


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