Kobe....Yeah, He Did That

With the NBA now back on, I would like to propose the following rule be adopted for the upcoming season. I think at every one of Kobe Bryant's post game press conferences, instead of showing his game stats on the side of the screen, we should see the statement he gave to police after being accused of raping a woman in Colorado. My favorite part: where the married Kobe explains how he was planning to blow his load in the girl's face because, and I quote, "That's kind of my thing." He goes on to tell police that his teammate, Shaquille O'Neil, has done way worse.

I don't know how these statements didn't get more publicity at the time, but everyone should be reminded of them now. I suppose that's a bit harsh. I mean, I don't want Michael Vick's post game interviews to run with a picture of a dead dog in the corner. But, then again, Vick has been criticized and punished for his behavior (and continues to be), while Kobe was mostly spared any harsh criticism and this "incident" has been all but forgotten. According to the media, Kobe is MVP, best player in basketball-- a fierce competitor, but otherwise an OK guy. I'm not buying it. Kobe is an a-hole, and people need to be reminded of that.


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