You've Been Tebowtized!

Gratuitous pic of Tim Tebow shirtless...God Bless
OK. I'm making a stand. I firmly believe we are at the peak of Tebow-mania. Anyone who has jumped on the Tebow bandwagon, or, even worse, claims to have been on the bandwagon to begin with, I say to you...pftttttttttt (fart noise).
Tim Tebow has done nothing spectacular. Here is the game plan for Tebow...take absolutely no risks, make no mistakes/turnovers for the first 3 1/2 quarters, rely on the defense to keep you in the game and then...have a chance to win at the end. That's not magical! That's not amazing! That's the desperate attempt of a team with a good defense and a strange/special offensive player to win the only way they possibly can.
That strategy reeks of desperation. It's a gimmick. There are at least 50 other quarterbacks who could step in and hand the ball off for 3 1/2 quarters if that's your only plan. Why not let a REAL quarterback play for the first 3 quarters and then let Tebow play in the 4th if he's so good in crunch time?
And let's focus on that annoying thing known as facts. If you look at quarters 1 through 3, Tim Tebow has the worst completion % among NFL starting quarterbacks AND the fewest passing yards. DEAD LAST. There's a reason his coach and his GM haven't named him the full time starter for the future...he can't actually throw the ball very well.
I truly believe that everyone who has jumped on the Tebow bandwagon is going to look stupid. No more so than ESPN's Skip Bayless, who today reported live from Denver, CO surrounded by screaming Tebow fans and with a straight face tried to say he would take Tebow over Tom Brady in the last 2 minutes of a game. Really? Really?? I have a feeling that statement will haunt you.
Here's my prediction...2 years from now Tim Tebow will NOT  be a starting quarterback in the NFL. You want to know why? HE CAN'T THROW THE FOOTBALL VERY WELL. And everyone who jumped on this bandwagon will rue the day. You should probably start rueing now...